About The Alliance

With more accurate data about causes of death, governments and health institutions can better plan and prioritize efforts to improve health outcomes.

A relatively simple technique called Minimally Invasive Tissue Sampling, or MITS, can help provide important data about potential causes of death, similar to the information obtained with a complete autopsy.

The MITS Surveillance Alliance aims to improve cause of death ascertainment through the expansion of the use of MITS globally. We facilitate the use of MITS by interested institutions and researchers and help grow the network of partners using pathology-based surveillance in various populations, geographies, and contexts.


JUST RELEASED: Incentive Grants The MITS Surveillance Alliance Secretariat has released a solicitation for small grants to expand the use of MITS. This includes funding and MITS kits for approved studies. The Request for Applications (RFA) process is open. To apply, please download the RFA   here

NOW AVAILABLE: Questions/Clarifications for the MITS Incentive Award Program - Updated on February 19, 2019
To review the responses from the MITS Surveillance Alliance please download the document  here

Recent Alliance Member Publications

Comparison of Minimally Invasive Tissue Sampling With Conventional Autopsy to Detect Pulmonary Pathology Among Respiratory Deaths in a Resource-Limited Setting  read it here


What We Do



We drive the collaboration needed for high-quality and rapid learning on determination of cause of death with MITS by facilitating sharing and discussion of lessons learned, tools, and resources.



We help scale up the use of MITS globally by supporting a growing network of members to use pathology-based surveillance in various populations, geographies, and contexts.


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We improve the precision of cause of death information with MITS-generated data through the continuous assessment and adaptation of procedures.