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BMC medical ethics. Jun 13, 2011.
Authors: Gurley ES, Parveen S, Islam MS, Hossain MJ, Nahar N, Homaira N, Sultana R, Sejvar JJ, Rahman M, Luby SP.
Population health metrics. Aug 01, 2011.
Authors: Fligner CL, Murray J, Roberts DJ.
Fetal and pediatric pathology. 2009.
Authors: Garg S, Punia RP, Basu S, Mohan H, Bal A.
Radiology. Mar 2009.
Authors: Weustink AC, Hunink MG, van Dijke CF, Renken NS, Krestin GP, Oosterhuis JW.
Virchows Archiv : an international journal of pathology. Feb 2008.
Authors: Breeze AC, Jessop FA, Whitehead AL, Set PA, Berman L, Hackett GA, Lees CC, .
Medical principles and practice : international journal of the Kuwait University, Health Science Centre. 2005.
Authors: El-Reshaid W, El-Reshaid K, Madda J.
Archives of disease in childhood. Fetal and neonatal edition. Jul 2004.
Authors: Wright C, Lee RE.
Military medicine. Jun 1999.
Authors: Cina SJ, Smialek JE.
Modern pathology : an official journal of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, Inc. Dec 1996.
Authors: Huston BM, Malouf NN, Azar HA.
Pathology. Jan 1995.
Authors: Foroudi F, Cheung K, Duflou J.
Pathology. Apr 1994.
Authors: Baumgart KW, Cook M, Quin J, Painter D, Gatenby PA, Garsia RJ.
The American journal of the medical sciences. Nov 1957.
Authors: WEST M, CHOMET B.
Journal of clinical pathology. Feb 1955.
Authors: TERRY R.