Become an Alliance member

Clinical researchers, epidemiologists, pathologists, microbiologists, and other researchers and specialists interested in or already implementing MITS or related postmortem studies are welcome to join the Alliance.

Members receive access to:

  • The latest MITS and cause of death resources and news
  • Opportunities for collaboration, including an annual meeting and ongoing technical working groups
  • Incentive program funding through small grants to support postmortem studies with MITS

To request membership in the Alliance, contact and describe how you are planning to or are currently implementing MITS.

Other engagement opportunities

MITS Mortality Surveillance Program Awards - Request for Proposals Available

The MITS Surveillance Alliance Secretariat has released a solicitation for Request for Proposals (RFP) to select MITS Surveillance Program sites. The initiative will focus on identifying up to five surveillance sites that will incorporate MITS into existing mortality surveillance programs. The RFP is available for download here.


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