About us

MITS is a minimally invasive tissue sampling procedure to more precisely define specific causes of death. When used in conjunction with other data, MITS can help governments and health institutions better understand causes of mortality, and therefore help them better plan and prioritize health policy and interventions—ultimately saving lives around the world.

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The MITS Surveillance Alliance aims to expand of the use of MITS globally. We facilitate the use of MITS by interested institutions and researchers, and help grow the network of partners using pathology-based surveillance in various populations, geographies, and contexts.

How We Work

We bring together experts to standardize procedures and training on the MITS technique, create forums to share best practices and lessons learned, and provide access to tools, materials, and expertise to facilitate pathology-based surveillance. Alliance members gather once a year for an annual meeting, and various technical working groups meet about once a month.

As an Alliance, we support the:

  • Expansion of MITS among interested institutions and researchers, growing the network of partners using pathology-based surveillance in many different contexts
  • Collaboration needed to drive high-quality and rapid learning on MITS
  • Improvement of MITS-generated data through the continuous assessment and adaptation of procedures

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